Virtual Visits and Telecommunication

Video and phone visits are included in your membership with no additional copays. These visits can save you time off work or from having to leave your home. You will have a direct phone and email address to Dr. Maxwell. If you have a question, you can text, call, or email her. If she’s with a patient, she will not answer but will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Membership Fees

Monthly membership fees are less than most people’s cell phone bills. In fact, it’s less than $3/day! With less than $1,000/year to be a member, many people save on what they would have paid towards their deductible. Instead of surprise bills after the visit, you choose upfront how to use your out of pocket costs for primary care services. You have the comfort in knowing that YOUR doctor is available to you, and it won’t be 2-3 weeks before you can get an appointment!

For a limited time, there are special discounts for families available. Contact Dr. Maxwell, today before the specials end!


$100 / person

  • Enrollment $100 for individuals,
  • $150 for families
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Age 2-22

$70 / month

  • Age 2-22 $70/month,
  • $50/month if enrolled with an adult
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Age 23-64

$80 / month

  • Age 23-64 $80/month
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Age 65+

$90 / month

  • Age 65+ 90/month
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Small Business

If you own a small business of 5-50 employees, contact us to find out how we can provide primary care services to your employees with all of these great services included. Save time away from the office for primary care and minor urgent care needs by having your employees enrolled with us. Many of their needs may be managed through video or phone visits saving lost wages and productivity losses. Their spouse and children 2 years or older can also be enrolled.

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