What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is a membership-based model of primary care where members pay a monthly fee to have direct access to their physician through phone, text, and email and longer patient visits which allows a more personalized patient-physician relationship. Instead of managing 2000 – 3000 patients as many Family Medicine Physicians do in a traditional practice, Dr. Maxwell will limit her practice to about 600. Dr. Maxwell can focus more on you and your needs. Visits typically lasts 30-60 minutes. We can also provide reduced costs on labs and many medications with costs known upfront in most cases.

What if need a referral?

We can refer you to a specialist whenever is necessary. Since we are an independent practice, we are not restricted to choosing a specialist within one specific group. We will refer you to a specialist based on your preference and your insurance requirements, if applicable, with recommendations based on the experience of Dr. Maxwell.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

We will aide you in the coordination of hospitalization if it is needed. We do not provide in-hospital care but we will arrange your hospital follow up visit once you are discharged.

What if get sick while I’m out of town?

Call or text us! Many illnesses can be managed over the phone or through a video visit. Dr. Maxwell will review your concerns and advise you if it can be managed virtually or if you should be seen in an urgent care or ER.

Is there an extra fee for virtual visits?

Video and phone visits are included in your membership with no additional copays. These visits can save you time off work or from having to leave your home. You will have a direct phone and email address to Dr. Maxwell. If you have a question, you can text, call, or email her. If she’s with a patient, she will not answer but will follow up with you as soon as possible.


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